About Me

I strongly believe that education should emphasize connections to the real world and the experiences of the students. It should focus on educating the whole of a person, not depositing isolated facts into people’s minds. We live in the age of the Internet, where anyone can Google the answer to any question they may have. Knowledge is out there. What isn’t readily available and what should be provided in education are the experiences necessary to mold a respectful, competent human being capable of solving problems, rationalizing, and thinking critically. We should teach our students to be logical thinkers, to question presented truths, and to think for themselves. We want them to find the information, to gather evidence, and to make reasonable choices and come to rational conclusions. Our students need guidance not to remember the capitals of the United States of America or the specific mathematical “short cuts” but to analyze, criticize, interpret, compare, discuss, evaluate, and create. Art is important. Science is important. Music is important. Literature is important. Physical education is important. History is important. Writing is important. Reading is important. Technology is important. Math is important. But what is most important is that the students come out of their educations with the ability to reason logically, to communicate with the other inhabitants of this small planet, and to have views and opinions that are backed by evidence and a knowledge of the views of the other side. These are the people I want to teach. I want passionate, creative, compassionate people to come out of the system and be ready to share, communicate, and explore.

I strive to make mathematics relevant to students.

I’m passionate about teaching.


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