Why many students hate math so much

and some other reasons students hate school.


Mathy Innovations – A Better Driver’s-Side Car Mirror?

R. Andrew Hicks, a Drexel University mathematics professor, has invented a new driver’s-side car mirror that allows a driver to see more that also eliminates the blind spot. How did he create this mirror? He used an algorithm that results in a surface ideally curved to capture a 45-degree view with minimal distortion. How long did it take him to come up with it? 10 years.

Check out the article in Slate from June 2012.

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One of the bonuses of being a teacher is getting to know the amazing students you get to inspire. I am consistently in awe of their humor, wit, talent, generosity, and spirit. I haven’t had the chance to scan some of the things that they have drawn or said that put an instant smile on my face or made me laugh out loud, but I did steal some from the Internet! 🙂

Mathematician’s Dice

I certainly don’t think these are exciting for all people but I thought they were pretty cool (I pledged some money and backed this project). The overwhelming support for this guy says something about math people I think.

Check out Matt Chisholm’s Mathematician’s Dice on Kickstarter. The project has been funded and is no longer accepting money on the site, but Matt will be selling the dice soon from his own website.